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the Delivery Centre in Holland Stuart Conway

Dutch Trading Company (Brighton) was setup in September 2006. It is run by Stuart Conway operating as a sole trader. Its purpose is to sell dutch bicycle products direct to the UK, working with a trading partner in Holland.

It is intended to be a 'hands-off' business. At the moment orders are manually forwarded to the agent in Holland, that process will be automated if and when sales hit a threshold.

The first product I am selling is the Bobike Mini handlebar mounted child seat. I bought one of the seats for myself and after shopping around found I could buy online from Holland and save 40%, even after shipping. However, there is a language barrier - most dutch websites do not ship overseas and are written in Dutch. That is where this trading company comes in: it saves you time dealing with dutch websites and 20-27% on price, even after shipping.

The Bobike seat itself is well designed, well made, and gets positive comments when out and about. It is not a big seller in the UK (bike trailers apparently sell better than child seats) but the plan is to get a position on the internet (well, on Google) and maybe write a magazine article on child seats, to generate sales.

As for my personal background, I previously spent many years working as a database administrator. After that (2004) I was very keen on product development and innovation. After about 18 months of learning about Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks, copyright, database rights) I realised the smart thing to do before trying to innovate is to copy someone else doing something that works commercially. I'm not actually doing that, or I'd be selling popular items, but that the direction I'm moving towards. I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay, which can be checked here (type in userid Stuart-C).

I am not VAT registered as trading is below registration threshold. I can be contacted by telephone on 07973 752070, email DTC@conwasa.demon.co.uk.

Lastly, here are some photos:

Joe on Bobike Mini, wide awake as the sun sets Giant Suxes with Bobike Mini Bobike Mini with sand Sleep Roll failure #2 9pm in the summer

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