Message in a Bottle Server: Brighton UK

photo of brighton pier

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Welcome to the Message in a bottle server located at Brighton UK

Enter a message here and it will be printed off, put in a bottle and thown from Brighton Pier on the south coast of England.

Where the bottle goes depends on a combination of wind and waves. Waves and tide are the most important factor and tends to carry things towards the west. The prevailing wind comes from the south west.

To use this fantastic service, enter your message here:

What type of bottle would you prefer?

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Click here for a webcam of the coast and cliffs to the west of Brighton, courtesy of

Do you live near the sea? click here if you'd like a page set-up to run a 'message in a bottle' service as part of this site. You'll be listed in the index of other sites (ver070301).

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Local Authority Jurisdiction in the Marine Environment: Report by DTA for DETR: Dec 2000 (Multi Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside) - the NUTS4 layer shows the Local Authority boundary (the purple line)
THe UK Statue Law Database
Maritime and Coastguard Agency


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