Message in a Bottle Servers - new locations

If you live near the sea or a river and want to run a message in a bottle server as part of this site, you can set-up your own page and I'll add it to the index (complete Section 1), or I'll set a page up for you in which case messages first come to me and I forward them to you (complete Section 2).

The general idea (in both cases) is that you print the messages off, remove names and email addresses if requested, put the messages in bottles, seal the bottles and throw them in the sea. If you'd like to do this, as a free service, please complete Section 1 or Section 2. If you've any questions please email

Some things to consider

With some printers, such as inkjet printers, the ink can easily be washed off with water - test your printer to see what would happen if you used that printer

For the bottles to go out to sea, they need to be thrown from a pier, jetty or boat. It can be difficult to get them to go out to sea from a beach

Bottles go out to sea best when the wind is blowing away from the beach

Section 1

1. your name
2. your email address
3. your location e.g. the name of the town or beach
4. the URL of the 'message in a bottle' page you've set-up in here

Section 2

Complete the following information and I'll set a page up for you and forward messages to you:

1. your name
2. your email address
3. your location e.g. the name of the town or beach
4. please send a picture to use for the page to, or if you'd like to use a picture already on the internet, type some information in here to help me find the picture (if you'd rather send a postcard to be scanned in, please put "I'd like to send a postcard" and I'll send you my address):

5. Add or remove 'types of bottle' from the following list and adjust "approx in stock" depending on how easy each type is to get:

Index Page.