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map showing the progress of some 35mm film canisters, contraining messages, in December 2000

I threw around twenty 35mm film canisters and fifteen glass bottles from Brighton Pier on the 15th January 2000. The wind continued from the north for the following week and blew the film canisters towards France.

Five of the film canisters were found by two girls at Le Home beach near Cabourg in France on 23rd January 2000.

Film canisters float high on the water are are quickly blown by the wind (plastic water bottles really take off in a strong wind). Glass bottles are more carried by the current and move more slowly.

The following emails are part of correspondence relating to found message - make what sense you can of them:

--email dated 21 Jan 97 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The following email was received 21/01/97 - the message was probably launched from Nacka, near 

>Hi there,
>Your "bottle" ended up in Örnsköldsvik in the middle 
of Sweden. I send you many greetings from our winter land.

Map showing the bottle's progress:
map showing bottle's progress along the coast of Sweden

--next email dated 28 Feb 00---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I am a teacher in Canada.  Last September (99) I sent a message to each of the places listed 
on your server.  5 months later, a six-year-old boy found my 200 ml vodka bottle on the beach
of Wijk aan Zee in The Netherlands.  Although it did not travel that far, it is still verfy
interesting to see that it was actually found.  I now correspond with the Boy (Jesse), with 
the help of his mom and grandpa and his class will probably correspond with my wife's class.  
Because of this successful attempt, I had my 90 high school students send a message in a bottle
too.  I hope it will work out for them too.
Great service,  keep it up!
Eric Godbout

--next email from the finder of the same message in a bottle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks for your  message.
You asked some questions about the message in a bottle I found on February
22 in Wijk aan Zee (Holland)
Here are the answers:
Yes, that message was from
It was dated June 1999.So it took 8 months time to be found.
We wrote an e-mail to Eric Godbout in Canada, the person who wrote the
message, and we are in contact with him now.
I hope I will also get in contact with the person who will find my letter!

Thanks for throwing al these bottles into the sea.
It's very exiting to find a message in a bottle, and it's also exiting to
send one.

                                         Jesse Jan Brinks

--next email 09 May 01---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A messages keyed in from Germany was thrown into the sea from Brighton UK sometime after 20th 
February 2001, probably March 2001. It was found on a French beach in May 2001: 


>hi,I ve found a bottle with a message in France, but I don't what I must do...
>it's a message of the fri,4 feb 2000 from Germany or nederland I think...
>it was wrote by Svea Widderich...
>what should I do??

--next email dated 12 Nov 02---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
email received 12th Movember 2002, message was thrown into sea from Brighton 18 months earlier. The 
sender's email account was dead but he'd also put a postal address, so they got in touch 
with him.

>Nous avons trouvé votre bouteille à la mer (Garry Mahan) sur la plage de Saint Aubin sur Mer 
>en Seine Maritime en France, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter.
>We have find your bottle on the beach (Garry Mahan) of Saint Aubin sur Mer in Seine Maritime 
>in France, try to contact us.

--next email dated 14 April 2002--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Stuart,

We found a green bottle with your message, dated on 15 Jul 2001. We found it at the coast of
the Netherlands, on Friday 3 May 2002.

I suppose someone found the bottle also in the UK, since there is a stamp with a date on it
of 13 april 2002  (pritty fast for a bottle to swim across the Channel in 2 weeks...)

I have visited your website, and I have seen what kind of service you are offering. Pitty it 
is still not possible to send it fully virtual.

Anyway, we will find a bottle, put the message in it, and throw it towards the United States... 
Is that ok?

(name & details removed)
36 years old
married to (removed)
having 3 kids: (removed).

--next email dated 13 Jan 05----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Stuart!

I found a message in a bottle from Dominic Allemann from Switzerland. The message has two 
dates: on the front 10 May 2004 and on the back 4 Jun 2004. I found it on Christmas Eve at the 
beach of a small North Sea Island named "Amrum", located in the North of Germany (of course) 
next to the Danish border. So the bottle made a nice curve through half of the North Sea and 
ended up together with a fine assortment of fish boxes from various English harbours at the 
beautiful and large beach of our Christmas holiday Island. What a pity that Dominic didn't let 
his e-mail-address on the message - so he will probably never know that his message was found. 

Happy new year to all of you and all best wishes from Bonn, Germany where I sit again at my 
office desk.

--next email dated 10 Feb 05-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
email received 10/Feb/05, bottle went into the sea from Brighton in December 2004:

Mesage to Arthur Novello Jr.

J've found your message in a bottle on Omaha beach france,Normandy.where are you fom ? 
we live in Cherbourg please answer our mail on the following address : 

looking forward to hearing from you.
--another email from the same people -------------------------------------------------------------
the message which has been found by Fabienne is the one you have sent at 17h19. l'afb is a 
group of adult personns learning together, Fabienne is one member of the group.
We feel that it's a very exciting experience.Our english is not very good, sorry for that.
Can you tell us who you are and if you can speak french ?

--next email dated 24 Mar 05------------------------------------------------------------------------


My daughters were very happy and surprise to find a real message in a 
bottle. Thanks for this magic moment.

we find it on the Trouville Beach (Normandy) the 10 March, 2005
Good luck for your project.

Natacha Rousseau & Chloé et Emma Sbruzzi

Attachment, photo taken of the bottle apparently as it was found (from the shadow it is 7 
or 8 o'clock in the morning):
photo of the message in a bottle found at Trouville Beach Normandy on 10th March 2005

--next email dated 08 Apr 05------------------------------------------------------------------------
map showing trajectory of bottle across Massachusetts Bay
Hi Stuart,
A response from a message in a bottle has been received. It was found on 
Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts on April 5, 2005.  The woman answering 
didn't mention the date or location of origin, but it was probably the one dated 
spring, 2004 and released in Lynn, Massachusetts.  Lynn and Hull are about 15 
miles apart via Massachusetts Bay, an body of water which is part of the 
Atlantic Ocean.
Jim McCloy
--end of emails----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The following comments are from the Guestbook, but not all of them tally with messages that have gone through the system here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 34 Name: elaine Website: Referred by: From a Friend From: New York Time: 1998-10-29 07:10:45 Comments: This is such fun and I have made a very good friend from this site. We correspond daily. I had been feeling very down when I first sent out my message. Now, life is brighter! Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 32 Name: EDIUG Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: USA-Maryland Time: 1998-08-12 02:49:09 Comments: I had three wonderful responses to my message in a bottle. All of them are terrific children from 14 to 17. One of them, a boy with whom I've lost touch, lives in Alaska. One of the girls lives in Australia, the other one lives in the USA. Since I am a 50 year old grandmother, I often offer advice and encouragement. They do the same for me. This is a wonderful service. I checked in tonight to find the sight again so I could pass it on to another AOL member who wants to receive more e-mail. Thanks, EDIUG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 30 Name: DOTTIE ONEIL Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY Time: 1998-07-09 19:49:51 Comments: I LOVE YOUR "MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE" THANKSI HAVE MET SOME VERY NICE PEOPLE! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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