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Sunny 104.3 radio station logo14th November 1997, a mention on Sunny 104.3 FM Palm Beach, Florida.

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Stern Magazine, 9 September 1999

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Stern cover Stern article page 1 Stern article page 2

link to article at Stern's website (in German) - click on 'Briefe aus der Buddel' to reach the article
English translation (by AltaVista Babel Fish)

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what the article lacks in honesty and accuracy it makes up for in column inches (the quotes from Rick are total fabrication and no "business" has been set up)

Daily Telegraph 21/4/99, page 19

Telegraph quote link to Telegraph article

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Brighton Evening Argus, 23 March 2000

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Argus cover page, 381 Kb Argus article page, 467 Kb Argus editorial and cartoon, 106 Kb

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The Daily telegraph electonic edition, 24 May 2000

The article is really about a message in a bottle found recently (after 14 years at sea), but has a link to www.conwasa.demon.co.uk/vauxhall.htm.

Electronic Telegraph article, 24 May 2000

The article also has some nice links to other message in a bottle stories that have been featured previously.

link to article at Block Island Times website
Block Island Times (newspaper, East Coast USA) 16th February 2002

link to article in Estadao Magazine
Estadao Magazine (Brazil), 14th-20th October 2000

link to article at News24 website
NEWS24.COM (online magazine, South Africa) 2nd March 2001

link to article at Erewhon Magazine
Erewhon (online magazine, Milan, Italy) sometime in 2002
http://erewhon.ticonuno.it/2002/rete/message/message.htm Smemoranda, Italian, an editors newsletter? 'Line of agendas to which they contribute you notice writers and designers') 04/12/02


link to same article at another Portugese website
DIARO DE NOTICIAS (Daily newspaper, Portugal) 11th January 2001

link to article at Smemoranda website
Smemoranda (monthly magazine, Italy) 4th December 2002

link to article at website
La Corriente Alterna (online magazine, Spain) 3 April 2001

Press Info.
This message in a bottle site was started in December 1996.
total messages processed ~ 6500 as at Feb 2003 - processed means rec'd and sent on to local sites
total unqiue visitors ~ 64000
bottles thrown into sea from Brighton ~1500
bottles thrown into river thames from Vauxhall bridge ~200
bottles reported found ~ 5
update March 2005 - found bottles = 10, thrown from Brigton = 2700

Boys World - American Scout magazine - date and content unknown
maybe - Sony World - Spring 2000 edition Sony magazine - has anyone got a copy they could send me?

http://www.estadao.com.br/ext/magazine/maga26/garrafa2.htm Ciberpias / elpias 4/1/2001 www.ciberpais.elpais.es/c/d/20010104/cibersoc/socie02.htm

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BBC SE Today regional news magazine, 31st March 2005
The Times newspaper, 17th Feb. 2007
BBC SE Today, Message in a bottle 'beach hazard', 20th Feb 2007
The Argus, local paper, 21st Feb 2007
The Daily Mail, 6th March 2007 - BBC Three Counties Radio (Bedford), 6th March 2006, recorded, TBA -

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